for healthcare and logistic professionals
A modern and efficient B2B platform that directly connects distributors, manufacturers and pharmacies in the online environment, facilitating the processes of sending and receiving orders for goods.
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Primary management system for workflow in pharmacies and pharmacy chains. BizPharma offers the possibility of digital inventory management, maximizing staff productivity and streamlining sales activities.
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Online Pharmacy
Open a virtual office at a cost 10 times lower than in the case of a physical location and increase sales with your own online platform for your pharmacy! Orders are automatically taken from BizPharma and stock information is synchronized in real time. Connect with online payment service providers and couriers.
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BizMedica for clinics
The solution for digitizing the operational flow of medical clinics. Access many modules to increase your productivity in the clinic and improve your patient relationship systems, from online appointments to digital medical records!
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BizMedica for medical offices
Find out how you can digitize your office! BizMedica assists you in time-consuming operations in relation to CNAS and allows you greater control over the service validation system. Each patient will have an electronic file and will be able to biometrically sign medical forms.
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Efficient management of teams of medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies. The solution can be used as a standalone tool for managers or integrated with the company's ERP or CRM solutions.
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Create a superior B2B trading experience for your partners with an advanced centralization and order management tool! In a single platform you can set differentiated offers, trade policies and promotional campaigns. BizToBiz makes the ordering process easy and efficient, meeting your partners' expectations.
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Simplifies and streamlines workflows in warehouses by prioritizing resource allocation and digitizing the reporting process to authorities. In addition, with the GoPick module you can automate the team of pickers to eliminate errors in orders and reduce pick-up time.
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Setrio is a Microsoft Gold Partner

Member of American Chamber of Commerce in Romania

Member of the Smart Alliance Romania Group

Malvas partner
in Ukraine

Governmental projects

Setrio builds integrated reporting systems that connect national authorities to distributors and retailers but also to regional authorities like European agencies.

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Our software

Our software and technical solutions have been built up gradually, as a result of identifying the planning and organizational needs of the market.

At first, we created BizPharma, a software solution for the farm-retail area, and then BizMedica followed, a management program for family doctor and specialist doctor offices, and for more complex flows from medical clinics.

As part of our vision is to serve the entire medical ecosystem, we have continued with B2B solutions in the area of pharma ​​distributors: BizDepozit and GoPharma platform. Over the past year, we have responded to European legislative requests with a GDPR Documentation Platform and reporting modules in the European EMVS System (European Medicines Verification System).

We are constantly connected to market dynamics, legislative changes, your requests and we have the ambition to continually develop ourselves.


We offer our clients both professional software solutions and detailed analysis of the company’s activity. We come up with new optimization and automation ideas from all IT points of interest and we include them in the software package to grow and solidify our customers’ business.



use our software for medical offices and clinics



access our management solution daily



have automated and streamlined inventory management



launched monthly through the platform for pharmacies and distributors


management dashboards

for pharmaceutical chains



in the productivity of a collector in the warehouse


logistic nodes

managed simultaneously


customized documents

and procedures for all categories of users
Always in action

New projects

Setrio Chain

We support medical ecosystems to improve treatment adherence

Patient Data Chain

Forging a new patient - provider connection


Our GDPR platform for small and medium companies​

at your service


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