Family Medicine

fully includes the activity of a medical office being an indispensable aid in terms of consultations and appointments, monitoring patient history, issuing and printing prescriptions, referral tickets and leave, real-time verification of the patient's insured category

The application simulates the consultation in detail

The patient and the diagnosis are introduced only once, after which all the operations of the medical act are performed in the same module - Consultation.

The medication list is up to date

With a single command, all the properties of the existing drugs in the CAS list are displayed. In case of issuing a prescription, it is enough to complete the dosage, the type of diagnosis and the prescription days.

It is equipped with a data protection system

They are saved either automatically at a time interval or manually by the user. The application is installed locally and does not require an internet connection to open. In addition, it can be accessed from several computers on the network.


  • The patient file, the consultation register and the chronicle register are created automatically following the normal work in the application. BizMedica records the data operated in the electronic file of each patient, as well as in the consultation registers.
  • Access over 100 reports available for the family medicine specialty, thus covering all areas of interest: DSP, RENV, CNAS, SCREENING, MEDICINES, IMPORTS, CABINET MEDICAL RECORDS, PATIENT RECORDS, etc. All these reports can be exported in the desired format and can be printed.
  • Permanently access the patient's medical history and medical forms that cover all the needs of the office
  • Better control the validation status of the services by accessing the dedicated window "Service validation status", by warnings when closing and opening the application and by loading the services in the queue for transmission for validation in case of deficiencies SIUI servers.
  • You have quick access to: checking up to date therapeutic protocols, DCI information (prospectus display), warnings about services that have not been provided but can be offered to patients (eg: balance exams, pregnancy supervision services, risk programs, etc.), as well as warnings to avoid mistakes, and with electronic recipes not transmitted online
  • Scan and attach documents to the patient's file

Online Medical Consultations

BizMedica Integrated Module With ZOOM Platform

Rapid adaptation is essential in the current period, and the safety of life prevails without gifts and maybe. That’s why Setrio has integrated an online consultation module (Telemedicine) into BizMedica, which allows you to provide your patients with remote medical services, in a secure environment, via video conferencing.

The technical solution we have chosen is free, simple, stable and offers you the possibility to generate and send to the patient by e-mail or by sms the link for videoconferencing (the online address where to see you), to add the online consultation to the list appointments and associate it with the patient.

Biometric signature

Transform the office into a protector of nature, of the medical act and of the space: without wasting paper, more time for the medical act, without additional spaces for storing documents.

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