BizPharma Modules

Streamline the activity of the pharmacy and create a lasting and profitable relationship with the patients by using a pharmacy management system

  • recommend remedies depending on the profile and history of patients
  • stimulate the sale of products with an advantageous profit margin
  • reward loyal patients
  • make the inventory without closing the pharmacy
  • motivate employees by implementing a bonus system
  • reduce sales times through visual indicators
gestiune farmacie

Encourage patients to use phone or contactless card payments

BizPharma POS module

Given the increasing rate of COVID19 transmissibility, in this period money in liquid form is one of the greatest dangers of contamination, given their accelerated circulation and repeated change of owner.

For the safety of you and your employees, we recommend that you encourage patients to make payments by phone or contactless card.

Setrio has developed a new Bizharma module that allows the direct transmission of the value of the tax receipt directly to the POS. In this case, both the pharmacist and the patient will avoid direct contact with the POS (it will no longer be necessary to touch the device). The patient will be able to use the contactless card or the telephone without coming into direct contact with the pharmacist or other objects in the pharmacy.

Other important issues for the pharmacy management

  • The operating time of the fiscal receipt paid with the bank card is reduced
  • Decreases the risk of mistakes when manually operating the payment on POS
  • It eliminates the time of the user and later of the accountant to settle the differences in the card type transactions

Associated recommendation

  • Possibility to create a sales system by associating several products based on a recommendation scheme according to a therapeutic purpose
  • Predefined recommendation schemes: the possibility to define your own recommendation schemes
  • Better pharmacy management. Prioritization of products within the scheme depending on the product, margin, number of expiration days

Profit Plus

  • Monitoring sales objectives at user level (assistant, pharmacist)
  • Automation of adding products on the receipt depending on the margin, category and priority for sale
  • Possibility to order the products according to the profit margin and to prioritize them for sale by identifying the most profitable products


  • Creation and administration of promotional campaigns for pharmacy products
  • Define promotions in the form of a discount grid, depending on the expiration date or other pricing policies
  • Defining promotions by time intervals, period, categories, subcategories, suppliers, products, voucher type
  • Defining complex promotions depending on the specifics of pharmacy sales (disease code, product basket)

Invoice collection

  • Interconnection with over 35 suppliers by automatic receipt of invoices in electronic format
  • The incoming invoice is taken online from the suppliers; automatic realization of input and reception notes (NIR)
  • Configuring the customer email service to receive invoices

Objectives and Bonuses

  • Establishing a set of objectives (qualitative and quantitative) at the level of employees and pharmacy
  • Possibility of analysis and bonus for employees depending on the degree of fulfillment of objectives
  • Possibility to define hierarchy of functions: assistant, pharmacist, chief pharmacist

Cards and SMS

  • Patient loyalty card configuration and management system
  • Loyalty card analysis reports
  • Automatic and / or manual transmission of text messages for general information and for marketing purposes

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