Your medical representatives teams will exceed expectations!

A medical representative works more efficiently with a software solution for reporting, planning visits, samples, online questionnaires, round tables and events.


Easy to use APP for boosting the efficiency of your medical REP TEAM

  • list-img Management of the medical representatives team
  • list-img Sample management and transparency in planning and results
  • list-img Time management of the team in the mobile application
  • list-img History of promotion and visits for the relationship with doctors
  • list-img Reporting activity on field very easy
  • list-img The possibility of introducing bonus and motivation systems

Plan your visits easily

BizRep is an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement APP for your medical REP [representatives] team. The solution can be used as a stand-alone tool for managers or can be easily integrated with the company ERP or CRM.

Start your day with a click

BizREP is built on two elements: a mobile APP with friendly UX for REPs and a web-based manager interface to coordinate and oversee the team activity.


bizrep telefon planificare vizite


The REPs can plan their visits in the network

bizrep telefon medic


Every visited doctor or clinic has its own file



Each activity will be registered in a timekeeping table


The manager has access to an online dashboard where he can run various reports about the REP team activity, productivity and time schedule. BizRep is a medical representative software easy to use and easy to integrate with your team.

Manager Web APP

BizRep has a web extension for managers that allows you to extract relevant reports about team activity

bizrep reprezentant medical - rapoarte

Plan your team's work

and organizes events or roundtables for health professionals

bizrep reprezentant medical -plan-team-activity

Medical questionnaires

customizable according to the project in which the REPs are active and the specific data they want to extract after the visits

bizrep reprezentant medical -surveys