Commercial or medical representative software and app that helps pharmaceutical companies to manage their sales team or medical representative teams efficiently.

medical representative software app

BizRep is a easy-to-use and easy-to-implement APP for the medical REP [representatives] team. The solution can be used as a stand-alone tool for managers or can be easily integrated with the company ERP or CRM.

based on two elements:

1. A mobile APP with friendly UX for reps
2. A web-based manager interface to coordinate and oversee the team activity

Planning visits

The REPs can plan their visits in the network

Client / Doctor
data sheet

Every visited doctor or
clinic has his own file

Time management

Each activity will be registered in a timekeeping table

Why choose a medical representative software?

Benefits for the team of representatives:

agent using BizRep medical representative software

Management Dashboard

The manager has access to an online dashboard where he can run various reports about the REP team activity, productivity and time schedule. BizRep is a medical representative software easy to use and easy to integrate with your team.

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