Make the distribution business digital by using a B2B tool that can be accessed simultaneously by both clients and your sales agents or telesales operators

A single platform for B2B order management and collection

  • list-img 24/7 Personalized electronic offer for each partner
  • list-img 24/7 Automate orders and reduce working time
  • list-img 24/7 Monitor business results, regardless of channel
  • list-img 24/7 Configure discount strategies and promotional packages
  • list-img 24/7 Forget about stability issues. The platform can support up to 1 million orders/month
  • list-img 24/7 Online training and EDI, CRM and ERP integrations

BizToBiz - 24/7 digital sales agent

BizToBiz makes the ordering process easy and efficient, meeting the modern expectations of your partners. 

Partners in a B2B business need a more advanced tool than a simple e-commerce store. BizToBiz helps you set up your own online store and advanced product catalogs with tens of thousands of complex SKUs. Your clients can place orders in only a few minutes and track their status in real time. 

The offer is always safe! Only validated partners have access to the BizToBiz platform, and you can offer personalized access depending on products and categories.

Platforma B2B
Platforma B2B

Hub for partner orders 24/7

Create a superior B2B trading experience using automatic partner and price segmentation, delivery locations, minimum purchase orders, payment terms, user roles and integrations with major ERP, CRM and EDI systems. 

Partners and sub-distributors can view order history and set recurring orders to automate their business. By connecting the platform to ERP, you can automatically check: the necessary products, the necessary stock, the invoices with balance, the financial statements or the credit limit. 

The BizToBiz platform can easily connect to invoicing systems and to the vast majority of known ERPs in order to allow electronic document transfers and automatic order transmission.

Monitor business results in real time

With the BizToBiz platform, you benefit from all the operational reporting tools that you need to be able to monitor the sales flow. 

Monitor monthly sales, sales seasonality, sales representatives’ performance and partners’ sales reports in one place. 

Moreover, you can make your own customized reports, and export them from the platform in .XLSX format.

Platforma B2B
Platforma B2B

Set up promotions and help the sales team

You have complete control over the discount packages in your online warehouse. You can set promotions by specific product categories and clients or by quantity and date.

The most appreciated distributors are the ones who notify their partners in real time about the newest products and the most advantageous campaigns. Your partners will appreciate the promptness and transparency offered by a digital platform.

Moreover, your sales team can be supported with a mobile application that can connect to the platform, and which has the following features: mobile CRM, making appointments and reporting the planned visits, distribution of samples, team activity reports.


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