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managerial analysis tool through Microsoft Power BI

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Business Intelligence. Powerful information able to change the way the organization makes decisions

Power Biz combines all sale and purchase data available on BizPharma servers from your locations in order to provide an image over the relations with the providers, manufacturers, employees, and, last, but not least, the relations with the clients, as well as to identify the opportunities and points that need improvements in the retail chain.

Benefits of a BI System (Business Intelligence)

Power Biz helps a manager see his business at a glance

The standard package of this application aims at the sensitive areas of your business. Every dashboard is meant to bring clarity in a key area. Beside the standard dashboard, you may configure, together with Setrio consultants, one or several personalized dashboards that would follow a certain flow typology of your business or monitor a certain major objective of the company.

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This dashboard aims to monitor the productivity of your sales team in the POS area. You can also track the evolution of an employee over time or you can see which of your employees best sell a particular product.


Very useful for negotiations with suppliers. The objective of this dashboard is to create a clear picture of the quantities purchased over time and the trade policy applied (discounts) on certain categories of products, to help you make the most profitable purchasing decisions.


Dashboard that allows you to track the margin on certain products or product categories to establish market strategies, discount strategies or recommended association. You can view what types of products are sold in locations and what margin is obtained depending on the product category.


Distribution of sales on retail locations as well as the percentage of margin achieved in each location, detailing the collection method (CAS, cash, card)


Complete analysis at product, doctor, DCI and diagnosis of the situation of prescriptions and income from insurance companies. This dashboard allows the creation of complex strategies and tracking the dynamics of recommendations and sales from compensated recipes.

A Business Intelligence application benefits a range of business users at every level of the company, from executives to supply chain analysts

The ability to analyze this data and information, at different levels of detail, such as a hierarchy of products, location margins or discounts offered by certain suppliers, provides strong information and a correct understanding of sales, so that areas with potential Risk can be identified quickly, being accessible and useful to all users at all levels of your organization. Robust interactivity and the ability to query the application allow users to focus on key points in their work and consequently make effective decisions based on data.

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