Demanded by both the pandemic, and by the technological evolution of our times, the digitization of the medical office becomes a bare necessity of the future. From patient scheduling to post-treatment examination, a management software can only streamline the medical activity.

An indispensable help to the medical office

  • list-img Permanently access to the patient's medical history and all the necessary medical forms
  • list-img The patient’s chart, the consultation register, and the chronicle register are automatically created, following the data entry in the application
  • list-img Over 100 reports for the family medicine specialization
  • list-img You are warned about: services not provided, possible mistakes, unsent electronic prescriptions online
  • list-img The medication list is up to date. With a single command, all the properties of the drugs existing on the CAS list are displayed
  • list-img Scan and attach documents to the patient's file

What BizMedica users say

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Dr. Luminița Schnell

Primary Care Physician in Family Medicine

“I started working with BizMedica a lifetime ago. I remember that with BizMedica I learned to use the computer. Today I appreciate most the help in the relationship with CNAS, especially when it comes to solving the service problems considered with “errors in SIUI”. I also find it very helpful to work with my dedicated consultant who offers me prompt solutions to any problem.”

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Dr. Sanda Maria Boşovei

Primary Care Physician in Family Medicine

“How long have we been using BizMedica? I think 15. I was an anti-computer person, but I was delighted that all implementations were created with professionals. At our office, the minimum schedule is 10 hours and after the program I like to stay in front of the computer to read all the legislative news from BizMedica: I like that it always keeps me informed.”

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Dr. Tiberiu Chivulescu

Vice-president of the Prahova Family Physicians Board

“I remember when I took over the office that there was a nomenclature in SIUI with all the protocols and I had to keep the patients waiting for good minutes to make sure that I selected the correct protocol. In BizMedica I have all the protocols set automatically and everything is so simple. The house lurks every mistake, especially in the case of recipes on 100% offset programs where a single mistake would mean a high cost to the office. The subscription I pay for BizMedica is thus a valuable insurance for the monthly income of the office.”

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Dr. Alina Tănăsescu

Family Medicine

“I like to know what I’m doing, I like to be in control! Time is the most precious thing we have and I want to spend it with my loved ones, and a powerful software helps me in this regard. BizMedica is adapted to the 15 million papers we always have to make.”

3 things you can earn by using BizMedica for your medical office

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A highly performant software helps you obtain the most precious thing for all of us: Bizmedica assists you in time-consuming operations in relation to CNAS. Being 100% compatible with SIUI, it allows you to easily and quickly report to CNAS and DSP, being connected to SIUI, SIPE, RENV, CEAS and DES servers. Moreover, the medical forms in the application and the biometric signature give you more time for the medical act. You will rid yourself of papers and you will no longer need additional spaces to store documents, as forms will be filled in and stored electronically in your database, and they can be printed directly from the application, at any time.

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Bizmedica will allow you to have an increased control over the services’ validation status by accessing the dedicated window – Service validation status. In cases where services have been added, but the application’s connection to the SIUI server encounters difficulties, the services are automatically placed in a queue to be transmitted to pre-validation. Another more modern way to stay closer to patients but also to bring extra income, is the ONLINE Consultation Module, through the ZOOM platform, that allows you to provide online medical consulting services, online medical advice and second opinion diagnostic interpretation.

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Gain even more time by opting for the Dedicated Consultant Service for the relationship with CNAS. With BizMedica, you access the experience of Setrio consultants of over 17 years in the health industry, procedures and documentation support in relation to CNAS. It is always useful to double check when making monthly reports. Additionally, with a dedicated Setrio consultant, you have priority access to extra support services in the IT area, priority access to consulting specific to the medical office activity, and know-how for start-up medical offices and clinics, as well as customized alerts and advice concerning any legislative change.

Focus on detail

The investment in digitization is an investment in the premium perception of the patient

Gain even more time by calling a Dedicated Consultant for the relationship with CNAS

It is always useful to double check when making monthly reports.

Fill in the medical office package with:

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Online medical consultations

The technical solution we have chosen is free, simple, stable and offers you the possibility to generate and send to the patient, by e-mail or by SMS, the videoconferencing link (the online address where you may see each other), to add the online consultation to the appointment list, and to associate it with the patient.

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Biometric Signature

Turn your medical office into a protector of nature, of the medical act and of the space: without paper waste, more time for the medical act, without additional spaces to store documents.

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Campaigns for doctors

Are you at the beginning of the road or looking for a software alternative to the application you are currently using? One of our options may come to your aid. Or you can contact us for a customized offer.


BizMedica is a SAAS management service with monthly maintenance and legislative updates according to the provisions of MoH and CNAS (the National Health Insurance Authority)

Free implementation through the Efficiency Program




Implementation Service 660 ron

FREE with the Efficiency Program





Implementation Service 660 ron

FREE with the Efficiency Program




Implementation Service 660 ron

FREE with the Efficiency Program

Prices do not include VAT.
For 1 EXTRA ASSISTANT USER, 99 ron is added to the value of the monthly subscription.