Logistics picking solution for warehouses and stores


GoPick is a solution easy to integrate in the regular operational flow of your company, as it is compatible with most ERP solutions existing on the market.


The GoPick solution is easily taken over by the personnel. The employees will operate more easily and will quickly understand the simple orders on the display.


GoPick is built based on simple features that rely on clear flows, so that the resulting system is one with high operational stability.

In the fast-paced world of online orders and same-day deliveries, GoPick helps companies improve collection rates and accuracy with less human resources and manual labor. By using a picking software, better results are obtained in shorter time.

A critical task in automating a warehouse or general store is the picking of products from shelves or storage areas.

Designing a suitable tool to interact with a wide variety of objects is a critical aspect in this context. The picking tool must allow for flexibility in data collection and robustness, but at the same time it must comply with principles of simplicity (ease of use) and low costs. The solution: versatile robotic equipment that operates in a minimally designed space where there is also a human presence.

GoPick Picking Logistic
GoPick Picking Logistic

GoPick is Setrio's answer to this challenge of the supply chain dynamics

Using Setrio warehouse management systems (BizDeposit) and the picking modules (GoPick), we are able to provide a powerful collection system in warehouses or stores, that will clearly and directly improve your operational results.

The picker’s average time

GoPick combines a flexible digital scanner system with intelligent software designed to reduce the time associated with searching, collecting and even moving through the warehouse, drastically improving the picking rate, picking accuracy and picker’s yield.

Once equipped with a GoPick digital scanner and a GoPick portable display system, a standard operator becomes a


The greater the complexity of the goods in your warehouse, the greater the need for digitization.

The picking software GoPick brings clarity and efficiency throughout the operating system and increases the productivity of the warehouse by:

  • decreasing the processing time of a customer order
  • lowering the error rate for the picker and processor teams
  • maximizing the accuracy of the script vs. factual stock
  • total transparency in the warehouse employees’ activity and the possibility to implement strategies to motivate them

Features of our picking solution

Boost your team productivity up to 20% and build up savings with a picking software

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