Governmental projects

Reporting movements of drug stocks and trade operations

Setrio builds integrated reporting systems that connect national authorities to distributors and retailers but also to regional authorities like European agencies.
Example for the Romanian market: daily reporting of stocks and trade operations of medicinal products for human use in a national nomenclature of prices and authorized medicinal products placed on the market in Romania by wholesale distribution units of medicinal products, importers, authorized manufacturers and closed and open circuit pharmacies.

Alignment with the European EMVO reporting system

Setrio has also integration experience: our software communicates and facilitates data exchange between European agencies, local authorities and retailers. In Europe manufacturers are required to use a Data Matrix code, which incorporates a unique identifier (UI) and apply an anti-tampering device on the outer packaging of all medicines for each individual sales package. At the point of dispense the medicine will be scanned, checked and verified for authenticity against a national (or supranational) repository. If the UI on the pack matches the information in the repository, the pack is decommissioned and supplied to the patient. Otherwise, if there is a warning related to this pack, then the system will highlight this as an exceptional event and the package will not be supplied to the patient. An investigation needs to determine whether the pack has been falsified or not.

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