IT Services

We recommend that you use only

Licensed management software

with GDPR-ready features (database encryption, backup, secure access, user-limited data access options)

Operating system

that allows the proper functioning of applications and is equipped with functions that protect personal data (at least Windows 7 with up-to-date updates)


to protect you from malicious entities that may access your system to steal data or alter sensitive office / pharmacy information

IT equipment

with a maximum age of 5 years. Old equipment is more prone to errors or data loss

useful solutions


  • Assistance and reporting to CJAS
  • Assistance and technical support on working days, time interval 09:00-18:00
  • Periodic visit by the representative
  • Training for the developments included in the application through periodic updates
  • Hardware systems consulting
  • Intermediation of the relationship with third party providers that offer complementary services to those offered by Setrio and are necessary for the operation of the IT system

CNAS reporting
through a Setrio specialist

  • Assistance by a personal consultant in order to make monthly reporting
  • Technical support and ensuring the retransmission of reporting in case of errors
  • Intermediation of the relationship with third party providers that offer complementary services to those offered by Setrio and are necessary for the transmission of monthly reporting


Complete services for documentation, submission, registration, installation and support for digital certificates.

We have a network of CertSign partners at national level and we can offer services both on-site and remote.

OSMR / SNVM consulting and implementation

SNVM account password management in production and testing environments
Monitoring and maintenance of the SNVM connector in production and testing environments
OSMR module technical support for production and testing environments

in DataCenter

  • Allocate the necessary information storage space in the Microsoft DataCenter
  • Implement and configure the module
  • Periodic messages for backup and upload in DataCenter
  • Parameters for configuring execution periods

Hardware and software

State-of-the-art equipment, new and refurbished, which covers the necessary workflow from offices, pharmacies and warehouses.

The online store offers the main 100 products and services we offer. You can send us requests for quotations for other products that are not listed.

Microsoft Windows
and Office services

  • Install and configure Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office packages
  • OneDrive online file storage and distribution up to 1TB
  • Online access for Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel and Office 365 platforms

Hardware and software service through a network of partners

We provide you with IT services provided by professionals, based on contractual intervention terms. The Setrio network of partners brings together IT specialists at a national level in order to offer you quality services for hardware and software equipment. You will benefit from technical support, but also from maintenance and service.

You will have a single point of contact for these services, and they will be performed both at your headquarters and through remote interventions.


services and equipment at prices comparable to a recharge

  • You receive the printer in custody, you only pay for the services. All consumables and overhauls are included in the price. Less paper.
  • Benefit from full service assistance. We solve by phone or send a specialist if there are irregularities in the hardware or software operation of the equipment.
  • The cost of any spare parts as well as replacement labor are included in the cost per page of the service.
  • You are reduced to a fixed monthly cost, without paying separately for consumables, overhauls or spare parts.

Hosting and administration

Cloud and DataCenter hosting services

In Romania, 75 pharmaceutical chains manage their data efficiently and securely on virtual servers and thus manage to manage more efficiently the activity in the work points.

In partnership with Orange and Microsoft Azure, we offer Setrio customers secure data center hosting solutions. The solutions allow the replacement of physical servers with a virtual server infrastructure, hosted in the Orange data centers in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, ideal for working with large databases, which require increased security. The solutions eliminate the maintenance and storage costs associated with physical equipment and come with several important advantages: data security and daily backup measures with data retention, support with experienced vendors (HP, Cisco, VMware), high availability (99.9% up- time)

Windows server administration

Configuration and support services: Windows Server operating system administration, WEB service administration (IIS), Active Directory service administration, communications service administration

Computer network administration

Installation and configuration of computer network, installation of operating system and applications, installation of antivirus and devirus operating systems, configuration of user access rights, firewall systems

SQL server administration

Database administration (periodic backup, database integrity, restore), database and user access policies, configuration and monitoring of data replication between SQL servers, monitoring and troubleshooting Microsoft SQL Server

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