Solution to streamline the work of staff who don't always come to the office

An ideal SaaS solution for monitoring workers or external workforce that allows you to manage and verify tasks assigned to employees or contractors in the field. If mobile staff productivity is of interest, this app helps you optimise the human resources, equipment and processes involved. Managers will know what their employees and contractors are doing, in how much time and with what resources.

Field OS is a solution that streamlines “non-work staff” – employees or workers who don’t spend most of their time at the office, but work in the field or at off-site locations, such as: field service, hospitality, construction, healthcare, transportation.

FieldOS keeps a complete record of all tasks performed in the field or at client sites by your employees or contractors and the related information.

Reduces the workload of your employees and reduces interpersonal and interdepartmental delays in the transmission of tasks and information.

Shortens the time to complete tasks. Employees know immediately that a task has been created and assigned. They can access related information immediately.

It highlights traceability by centralising information on the status of tasks, staff involved and resources used: durations, categories, consumables, costs, etc.

Increase task compliance by tracking and verifying compliance with predefined steps (checklists) in each task.

Eliminates the risk of not issuing or losing documents at the close of a job (e.g. handover documents) by automatically issuing them and storing them digitally.

How it works - Only 3 steps needed

Creating a request

Requests can be created by: customers, employees for other employees, visitors, sensors, data loggers, gateways, utility meters. Ways in which the request can be created: accessing a short link, a web platform or mobile app, scanning a QR code, sending an email.

Creating a task

A task is created by: dispatchers, project managers, employees for other employees or contractors, or through the automation and integration system. Ways tasks are created: manually, automated by FieldOS algorithm or by rules and automations.

Completing the task

A task will be completed by: assigned employees or contractors, other entities, automatically according to rules and automations. The following information will be saved: images, customer, location, system, active, detailed durations, detailed costs, step-by-step checklists, consumables or parts, resolution description, comments, real-time chat on task.

monitorizare lucrători

Dashboard for Management / Dispatch


Employee APP available for iOS and Android platforms



Allow your customers, visitors or employees to create and track requests of any kind through several modern methods. Requests are analysed and turned into tasks.


Create and manage tasks, monitor employees and contractors, in the office and in the field as they complete tasks. Create and implement checklists and other mandatory steps to increase efficiency.

Scheduled tasks

Create scheduled tasks for any type of activity and set alerts to (automatically) notify employees and contractors in a timely manner. Never miss a mandatory or legal task. Track everything that has been done over time.

File storage

Upload files, associate them with any type of item in the application: customers, locations, equipment, parts and supplies, revenue, expenses, tasks, etc. User-friendly interface for easy access, management and sharing functions.


Automate steps in your company's workflow with predefined rules or FieldOS algorithms. Allows you to eliminate non-essential personnel or other elements from the workflow of decision-making and resolution tasks.

Integration and import

Import all data directly from .xls or .csv files in 3 steps: select file, map fields, import. Use our predefined or custom API integration tools on demand.

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