We grow business through technology

We strongly believe that our clients' businesses may grow with the help of technology

We put all our knowledge at the service of your success

Businesses do not grow by magic, but we are guided by the belief that magic is possible. Businesses grow when technology is at hand and accessible to those in the forefront of a business, those in the best position to identify its transformational features.

Setrio is more than just a series of tech and software solutions. Setrio is a growing community of people who have discovered the power of technology. They are people who are leading their organizations towards transformation in this process of digital metamorphosis. Our goal is to ensure business digitization.


Our mission is to always find the optimal path, the know-how and the technological “weapon” to help our partner’s business grow.


We are a company that produces working tools to render human and financial resources more efficiently. Thus, data is the basic material of our constructions. Our vision for the future starts from acknowledging that data is growing larger in volume and flowing from everything that happens. It is the same as the flow of a business, from the belief that organizations which capitalize their data with the aim to gain more perspective and to build intelligent processes will overcome those that do not follow this path. We want to be the first choice for health professionals from all over the world, where our digital solutions may bring a competitive advantage.


In our goal to empower businesses through technology, we are guided by:

  • Friendship – as the essence that defines a community of professionals united by the same values
  • Integrity – because this community must be built on ethical fundaments and on respected promises
  • Responsibility – because we all need to take care of the future together
  • Courage – to face the challenges of the market and to permanently rethink the status quo
  • Continuous development – to remain curious and to share the know-how like a fuel of this community