Signotec Biometric Signature

The digitalization of the office implies the transformation of time-consuming activities, both for the doctor and for the patient, into automated actions, performed quickly by electronic devices.

A conclusive example is the implementation of the biometric signature in BizMedica, the way that transforms the office into a protector of nature, the medical act and the space: no waste of paper, more time for the medical act, no additional spaces for storing documents.

Patients sign biometrically, BizMedica archives and stores

  • consultation register (family and specialized medicine)
  • the patient’s consent regarding the protection of personal data
  • GDPR marketing agreement
  • application for registration of the new insured (family medicine)
  • application for registration by transfer (family medicine)
  • form of expiration of the informed patient’s consent
  • medical and non-medical forms defined in the customized formulation module (eg other consents)
  • other external .pdf files

The advantages of using the biometric signature

Save time

Preparing and printing documents, scanning them and uploading them to the system, indexing and archiving become history. The signing of documents is done electronically and is saved instantly in BizMedica.

Reduce costs with physical documents

Less money allocated for the purchase of paper, printer ink, folders and bookshelves.

Covered legal framework

An important security aspect of electronic signatures is the ability to perform a very accurate and reliable signature comparison.


The device is small, light, ideal for office but also for field activity. It comes with a protective velvet bag for safe transport.

Technical specifications

From a technical point of view, we propose the most ergonomic solution: the Sigma biometric signature device from Signotec, a specialist in the field of capturing handwritten electronic signatures.

  • Display 10.5 cm, 1,024 pressure levels
  • RSA encryption, Protective cover, USB connection
  • High quality sensors, large display and a variety of interfaces
  • Flat, compact design, ideal for mobile use: 160x120x10 mm
  • The quality of the digital signature and the associated usability in court have been confirmed by an independent graphologist. The signing of documents takes place in a legal, secure framework and offers a superior quality equivalent to an original paper signature.
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany, 2 years warranty

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