As you read this page, you lose some of your customers who buy from online pharmacies.

Online Pharmacy

The online sales or e-commerce industry made a leap of at least 3 years in 2020, and growth continued to accelerate in 2021. Estimates show that in 2022 companies will invest more in digitization and developing employees' digital skills. More and more entrepreneurs are starting their own online businesses.

Setrio supports you in completing the classic pharmacy sales business by opening an online office. BizPharma Online is BizPharma’s online pharmacy project and comes with a connector ready to communicate electronically with BizPharma stocks and orders. For your own online pharmacy you can choose any of the 3 established e-commerce platforms: WooCommerce, Open Cart or Boostrap HTML Custom.

Open your online pharmacy in just 3 weeks

This is possible thanks to the integration that takes the products with all the stocks and prices from BizPharma, including all the managements and displays them on the site. At the same time, when you have a new online order, it can be transmitted in management together with all the customer data.

In addition to supplements, dermatocosmetics and parapharmaceuticals that could be sold and delivered directly by courier to the customer, you can now add thousands of products to your online catalog.

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The advantages of the BizPharma eCommerce platform

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Integration with BizPharma and loyalty cards, so you can instantly promote yourself online to current customers


Integration between offline and online by displaying stocks in pharmacies and the possibility of ordering online with delivery in the pharmacy


Your online pharmacy will know the difference between supplements, dermatocosmetics, parapharmaceuticals, OTC and RX


A new office at less than 10% of the cost of a physical office

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Have you already invested in an online pharmacy?

Here are some recommendations to attract and retain more customers in 2022

SEASON landing page

Creating special landing pages for seasonal events such as Black Friday or Christmas is very important if you want to be able to compete for keywords. Even if you have a smaller business and don’t want to pay Google auctions for these keywords, you’ll need a landing page for customers who are specifically looking for your business name + Black Friday, for example.

Technical Tip: Theoretically, these landing pages are only valid during the event. If the page is simply deleted after the seasonal period, then all the SEO value that the page gained during that period will be lost. The best solution is to disable the page from the navigation menu and keep it active throughout the year. The same principle should be followed for all seasonal pages that can be reactivated in the following years: Christmas, Easter, etc.

Optimized platform

Don’t be afraid to change and always look for the latest technology! If sales stagnate or the current online store platform no longer meets customer requirements, it’s probably time to audit with a specialist or move the store to an updated platform. In this case, you need to make sure that some critical points are checked for the online pharmacy website:

  • The online pharmacy should provide visitors with an easy shopping experience
  • The site theme should have a mobile and responsive design on all devices
  • You should have a verified and reliable online security system (SSL certified) to protect your customer data
  • The products should be sufficiently descriptive and easily accessible on the site
  • Google must index the content of the site organically

Custom search keywords

As appealing as the general keywords that respond to high search volumes, keep in mind that if you’re a small e-commerce business, you’re unlikely to be able to compete with big industry brands for competitive search terms like “dandruff shampoo.” You should look for something more specific and tailored to your product offering, such as “sulfur shampoo” or “pharmacy shampoo”. This way, you will attract customers down the channel and you are more likely to compete in the organic search space.

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Website Taxonomy

The taxonomic structure of the online pharmacy should be clear and logical to allow customers to easily find what they want on the site. With a chaotic or unclear site structure, browsers may lose interest and leave the webpage, which is a red light for search engines and can lead to a downgrade of your keyword rankings. Furthermore, search engines will use the taxonomic structure of the site to find and understand the hierarchy of your site and to index all relevant information about a product or topic. Remember to use keyword research and trend information to generate customer-friendly naming and ranking conventions, as this will help you rank in the search engines for those keywords.

Relevant content

The blog and article area of ​​an online pharmacy is a very important resource and often untapped at its true value. Use the blog area to create a content center that focuses on patient-specific information searches or questions based on seasonal topics such as “Christmas gift ideas” or “what cosmetics to choose for her gift.” Opportunities are endless in this area, so it’s a good idea to focus on what’s really relevant to your business.