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As you read this page, you lose some of your customers who buy from online pharmacies.

Huge potential!

At EU level, online commerce is growing by two percentage points every year. In 2017, e-commerce turnover at European level increased by 11%, reaching EUR 534 billion, and is forecast to increase by 13%, to EUR 602 billion in 2018.

In Romania, online commerce registered in 2016 the highest growth in Europe, of 38%, more than double the European average. Online commerce in Romania has the potential to double its value by 2020.

As you probably found out, LAW no. 160 of July 9, 2018 for amending and supplementing the Pharmacy Law no. 266/2008 was promulgated. This long-awaited change allows the sale of OTC products online. In addition to supplements, dermatocosmetics and parapharmaceuticals that could be sold and delivered directly by courier to the customer, you can now add thousands of products to your online catalog.

The advantages of the BizPharma eCommerce platform

Integration with BizPharma and loyalty cards, so you can instantly promote yourself online to current customers

Your online pharmacy will know the difference between supplements, dermatocosmetics, parapharmaceuticals, OTC and RX

Integration between offline and online by displaying stocks in pharmacies and the possibility of ordering online with delivery in the pharmacy

A new office at less than 10% of the cost of a physical office

Quick launch of a new online office 10 times lower costs than a physical work point

Do you use BizPharma? We have excellent news: since we have already developed the connectors, we can launch your online pharmacy in just 3 weeks!

This is possible due to the integration that takes over the products with stocks and prices from BizPharma, including all the managements and displays them on the site. At the same time, when you have a new order online, it can be sent to management, along with all customer data.

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