BI technology can be brought to medical clinics to reflect the entire operational activity. A good manager always needs to analyze the productivity of doctors and the appointment system, to plan strategies according to the medical specialization, to monitor incomes as per the advertising channels and the types of receipts, to observe closely the performance indicators.

A single solution for digitizing the flow from medical clinics

  • list-img Intuitive appointment window, with access to real-time calendar from the mobile phone and personalized SMS
  • list-img Medical history and medical forms, management of the relation with the providers
  • list-img Online consultations through the ZOOM platform, biometric signing and document archiving
  • list-img Increased control of service validation status through warnings and queue loading
  • list-img Management reports that provide a clear perspective of the activity
  • list-img Train a professional team, always smiling and able to solve any issue
"Patients expect from a clinic, beside quality medical services, an easy access to appointments and an effective communication. The software allows systematized appointments, and the online appointment module facilitates the direct making of appointments on site. Since we implemented the software, we have been able to optimize the patients' access to doctors and investigations. The SMS module for reminding appointments has determined a much more efficient communication of the clinic with the patients."

In a modern clinic, the patient makes an appointment online

The patient can easily call, write an email or make an appointment online

Our appointment module directly from the clinic's website (plugin compatible with any site structure, adaptable to any theme) will allow patients to select all the details and receive all the necessary information for the visit at the clinic, and appointments will be automatically synchronized in the calendars of the reception desk and of the  medical staff.

The recommendations previous to the investigation and any necessary documents will be sent automatically (electronically) to the e-mail address provided by the patient immediately after the completion of the online appointment procedure. Easy and automated.

Can it be even easier?

Online payment by card for appointments made on site. When making the appointment on the website of the clinic, we can also integrate the online payment system for the consultation in advance, with the card directly on site, in order to obtain the final confirmation and to reserve the slot of time allocated to the consultation.

Doctors and managers can monitor appointments in the BizCalendar Application, available for both iOS and Android platforms

Telefon BizCalendar
"BizMedica has so far proven to be the complete solution in carrying out the medical activity in our clinic: infrastructure, real-time update of information, ease in monitoring patients. As medical manager, I use BizCalendar because I have the complete image of the activity in the clinic and of the activity carried out by the other doctors, their appointments, and also their breaks."
“We organize our appointments much more easily since we have BizMedica. We have an electronic database, updated, and patients are constantly notified by SMS. We send them confirmation for the date and time of the appointment, but also useful information and new promotions. The most important thing for us is that we know the schedule of each therapist at all times."

The patient intends to go to the clinic.
But what if he has a problem and cannot come?

The system can be set to automatically send the appointment confirmation request via SMS.

The appointment is automatically confirmed if the patient answers YES to the SMS.

Patients are easy to identify and direct.

Phone appointments can be easily entered into the system, and will be automatically synchronized with the clinic calendar.

Once arriving at the reception desk, the patient will be welcome by a very well organized staff.

The BizMedica calendar structure is ergonomic and mapped by distinct colors, symbols, icons to be easily understood and adopted by the staff  at the reception desk.

What happens if the patient calls and the reception desk is busy?

Nobody likes to wait or insist. The modern client claims that someone should handle the visit professionally, once he/she has contacted the clinic.

In over 60% of the cases, missed calls to clinics or to other service providers are not addressed. This commercial behavior generates frustration and a negative image in the consumer’s/patient’s perception. 

The Call Center Clinic service interconnects the BizMedica system with a digital telephone exchange (VOIP) that gives you total control over calls and attempts to call at your clinic: premium perception in the mind of the clients and no possible missed patient.

Benefits of the Clinical Call Center Module

  • An average of additional 6 monthly consultations activated out of the missed calls thanks to the Call Center system (in 60% of the cases, the clinics do not have a system to reactivate missed calls)
  • Perception of premium reception (employees talk on headphones)
  • Supervision of the reception desk with notifications in the application with missed calls that have not been redialed
  • Recording of calls for clarifications and settlement of unpleasant situations (the loyalty of difficult patients can be built)
  • Optimization of SLAs for answering the call, time on call with the patient, waiting time, time to return to missed calls
  • Personalized messages (the name of the calling patient appears in the application), welcome messages/welcome message outside working hours/info message/waiting message

Welcome to the digital age!
Less bureaucracy and no paperwork at the reception desk.

Once arriving at the reception desk, the patient expects to receive quality medical services and as little bureaucracy as possible.

The patient's premium experience begins with scanning identity documents with an OCR device for quick and error-free addition of patient data to the database of the clinic.

The consultation consent, GDPR or any other specific form are quickly electronically signed with the BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE and automatically archived in the database of the clinic, eliminating paper support.

Perfect synchronization of clinic resources: the doctor, the office and the equipment are ready for the patient's visit

The consultation is generated by the system and already populated with all the information gathered about the patient from the appointment and from the interaction with the reception desk.

The BizMedica system also keeps track of equipment programming and investigation systems. The availability of medical equipment is automatically synchronized with the scheduling times, the doctor’s calendar and the physical location in the case of clinics with multiple branches.

Once configured, the system eliminates any possible appointment error or overlapping of doctors over the same equipment.

"As a doctor, what I like most about BizMedica is that I follow the patient's file very easily: it is displayed exactly as I want, with all the consultation history. I like that I see the whole list of investigations in one window."

Digital efficiency in the medical flow

The BizMedica solution offers the possibility for the medical staff to streamline the entire consultation flow:

Guided review of the entire procedure

from anamnesis to the issuance of medical documents

Customized medical forms

Simplified working system

by ticks and predefined field selections

100% compatibility

with SIUI, SIPE, RENV, DES, CEAS and an automatic reporting system

Integration with the ZOOM platform

For online medical consulting services, online medical advice, second opinion diagnostic interpretation

A successful experience, a new recommendation

  • Any subsequent useful or required document can be stored electronically in the patient’s digital file by the reception desk after the consultation.
  • All medical forms are automatically generated after the consultation and can be sent by e-mail or printed for the patient.
  • The visit is completed at the reception desk: the BizMedica system is connected to the cash register and the provided service is printed directly on the receipt or invoice.
  • If the patient is insured with the National Health Security Authority (CNAS) or in a private system, the services are automatically allotted to the insurer’s settlement.

Investment in digitization is an investment in the premium perception of the patient

"We kept patients' documents in huge files that took up a lot of space and were difficult to manage. BizMedica offered not only the possibility to scan documents and attach them to each patient's electronic file, without additional costs, but also a comprehensive management of the activity with an updated appointment module, absolutely necessary for a medical clinic."
"Of all BizMedica modules, I like Power Biz the most. It has plenty of potential for a manager and I still have not discovered all its features yet. Power Biz dashboards show you all the numbers on one screen. We are planning the second location, and this means that the volume of services will increase, the staff will double, so we will definitely need a solution that would allow me to have an overview of the entire business."

Are you a clinic manager passionate about every detail of your business?

The BI module for clinics, developed on the Microsoft platform, is the perfect mirror of the entire operational activity in your clinic.

  • Analyze the productivity of each doctor in the clinic
  • Analyze the efficiency of the clinic’s appointment system
  • Plan strategies according to the medical specialty
  • You have advanced general visibility into the KPIs of the entire clinic
  • Visualize income according to the promotion channels, to the types of receipts

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Focus on details

Investment in digitization is an investment in the premium perception of the patient


BizMedica is a SAAS management service, with maintenance and monthly legislative updates, according to the provisions of MoH and CNAS

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Subscriptions are valid for full-time medical staff users. The first client reception station is included.