Medical Clinics

the software solution dedicated to the specialized clinics that carry out their activity with exclusively private or mixed practice (private and in contract with CJAS)

We are specialists in programming

The scheduling window is intuitive and offers the best visibility of the work schedule, as well as a whole suite of notifications and possibilities for personalization and automation of messages sent to patients.

We are 100% compatible with SIUI, SIPE, RENV, DES, CLOCK

Increased control over the validation status of the services by accessing the dedicated window "Service validation status", by warnings when closing and opening the application and by loading the services in the queue for transmission for validation in case of deficiencies of SIUI servers.

We have introduced an ONLINE Consultation module

We have introduced an ONLINE Consulting module through the ZOOM platform that allows you to offer online medical consulting services, online medical advice, second opinion diagnostic interpretation.


Online Medical Consultations

BizMedica Integrated Module With ZOOM Platform

The current situation dramatically changes the behavior of the population and implicitly of the patient: quarantine and self-isolation, work from home, fear of coming into contact with other people. This trend will certainly continue throughout the pandemic and will generate new patient behavior that will continue later. A solution for digitizing the flows in the clinic or office will thus become a necessity of the future and will allow: optimizing operational costs, automating processes, patient loyalty, you will be prepared for the new digital age.

The technical solution we have chosen is free, simple, stable and offers you the possibility to generate and send to the patient by e-mail or by sms the link for videoconferencing (the online address where to see you), to add the online consultation to the list appointments and associate it with the patient, to integrate with an online payment service in case of consultations for a fee.

Modules for increasing productivity


Mobile phone software application.

Schedules from the clinic's site

Access to a smart virtual reception, available 24/7 on the clinic’s website, synchronized with the BizMedica Clinica application. Appointments are automatically confirmed from the clinic’s website.

Schedule waiting list

A big problem for clinics is the loss of time slot in case of cancellation of the appointment. We found a system that would reduce these losses and maximize the load on the clinic.

front office

Invoicing and recording of the analyzes collected for the partner laboratories. Export of the laboratory investigation report for a certain period.

Patient satisfaction questionnaire

Defining an unlimited number of questionnaires to quickly measure patient satisfaction. The results are displayed in real time in BizMedica.

SMS and Email

Automatic transmission of informative SMS to patients: confirmation / reminder of the appointment date and time, details necessary for the preparation of the medical investigation.


Quick management of the relationship with collaborating companies and private insurance companies. Specific functionalities for Occupational Medicine.

Promotions and service packages

Setting simple promotions with value or percentage discount at the level of medical service. Services can be combined in the form of patient-relevant medical service packages.

Management and BI reports

Through reports and monitoring dashboards you receive a global vision on financial resources, staff activity and equipment use.

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